Psy-Ops   Psy-ops!  a name so good, so many bands have it,but WE have the registered trademark.  The REAL Psy-Ops that's really called Psy-Ops( not 'the real Psy-Ops")  OUR MOTTO is 'everything we say is a lie' but that's not a lie- we are the real only Psy-Ops. We just haven't sued all the other Psy-ops's 

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LAWYERS INVOLVED!!!! With normally 12 or more folks on stage for each show, and a lot of membership changes as part of the nature of the band there are SOME DISPUTES OVER OUR SUPPOSEDLY UPCOMING BOX SET OF ALL OUR MUSIC REMIXED AND REMASTERED WHICH HAVE US UNABLE TO PRESENT ANYTHING BUT LIVE AND 'WORK IN PROGRESS' SO WE ARE LIMITED IN OUR CONTENT PAGES TO HAVING -'songs being written' or 'as they were written' and 'live' AT LEAST UNTIL WE GET THIS LEGAL STUFF SETTLED.
 on the good side, we did come up with some neat archival stuff for you.

Born  during the 1960's in conjunction with formalized Psychological Operations being undertaken in the USA by the United States government, we are THE band that proves mind control and thought manipulation and emotion twisting are GOOD.  We pull members from other bands, sometimes Rage Against the Machine, sometimes Peter and Paul (but, sadly, not Mary anymore), sometimes Dave with FooFoo, sometimes Dave without FooFoo, sometimes GooGoo, sometimes Sin Whispers, sometimes Super Solo, sometimes Take Off,(all old bands you might remember) but very often we use YOUNG, Local talent to play our gigs.  We believe in giving old people a voice while exploiting youth for their energy and bodies.  Most of the time you're going to see 12 members performing, but, behind the scenes there are graphic artists and recording professionals and a slew of good guys and bad girls just to make things fun.  We played the Palladium as our first gig.  We did a World Wide banjo broadcast by jamming the signal from NASA and waking up the astronauts to banjo music, we played the music for the giant land-light sculpture that was "painted" in 1980s to usher in the era of the first really great spy satellites, which were good enough to see and make record of these several 6 to 15 acre large light-motion sculptures or "Satellite Salutes" as they were called.  We coerced the entire campus of the University of Houston one day in 1982 to walk around chanting "Ghettos of the Mind" while we played the quad. House band for "The Maze", a giant 15 acre plant-vegetable, poison ivy maze built in Montgomery County for their season of the performance art piece called "Outward Bound to a Chemical Waste site", which actually did wind the attendees into a chemical waste zone where the trees and plants were all dead from chemicals.  After several impromptu performances at Houston's Orange Show, we were given carte blanche to perform there anytime we wished. (When we brought out "Psy-ops Sing Along" twenty years later, by the way, the Orange Show told us they were too corporate and too worried about sponsorship to have us premiere the Sing Along at the Orange Show-- bummer)  Playing for the Theater of Necessity on several of their shows, Psy-Ops did it's best to educate as well as stimulate.  So, when other bands in philly and elsewhere started using our name....... we decided not to sue but asked them to pay us a licensing fee for the use of our name. In 2007 Psy-0ps started a series of performances called Psy-Ops Sing-Alongs which featured many angry anthems of instrumental protest, featured Accapella Anger, where the audience was encouraged to vocalize their anger and, most especially, taped a  series of popular recordings for the government.  Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots Were Made for Walking" and Metallica were just not being very effective in confusing and disorienting and disturbing enhanced interrogation victims, so Psy-Ops was tasked to come up with a better soundtrack to torture by (of course we didn't call it that-- we called it "Transylvanian Chant Music"  and supplied several "optional shockras" for the detainees to incant if they were having trouble getting into the mood.  The government cancelled our contract when the Abu Ghraib scandal surfaced and we were forced to do songs like 'For Jason" (which Jason told us he didn't want to be for him so we renamed it 'device' like improvised explosive device) , "Not your Old Kind of Rock and Roll", 'Diminished', "Downtown", "Sliding into Hell", "Iraqaphobia", "Let the Kids Play", "Fog of War", "Hum-V Cowboy"  and several others which constituted our most solid unimprovised fare to date.  Now we have soothing sets as well as angry ones because it's more of a challenge to make people happy today than it is to get them to vocalize their anger.  We've been on and off the road in different configurations since 1969, which may make us the oldest surviving jam band.  Contrary to popular rumor, our bass player did NOT play with the Jerry Garcia Band, though the other rumors about some of our members sitting in or playing with famous bands from the past are ENTIRELY true and we're quite proud of them, in spite of widespread disapproval of Kingfisher (one of the other Grateful Dead offshoot bands).    Recently agreeing to go back to work for the government, Psy-Ops will be spending the year attending many Republican events, including THE REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION and loads and loads of Republican fundraisers. We've been asked to feature our newly re-mixed "Music to Torture By" and to get the audiences reared up and excited by focusing our anger songs and our Psy-Ops Sing-Along in the direction of President Obama.  They really seem to want to get the true believers whipped into an angry frenzy.  So, they called us, Psy-Ops!  Who else would they call? Then, of course, they'll have the added benefit of making use of our new viagra-like  "Aphrodisiac"  music (not at all like our 70's classic "Jizz Box") on the smaller, more intimate gigs where the handsome, young boys  and the pretty ladies are the 'treat to meet'. So,....... we'll be busy all year, but we haven't forgotten our mass audience who got us here, so we're planning some stadium shows in key cities around the USA.  There's even rumor of another world tour, but nothing has been confirmed, yet, as to dates or even if it will be in 2013. 

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